Why should artists buy hip hop beats online?

3 01 2014

You can find so many websites online offering hip hop beats online that sometimes it may look overwhelming. Before purchasing beats (instrumentals) online there are many key things you will need to consider that will assist filter and narrow your seek out beats online.

One important aspect that the majority of enough time gets overlooked by artists searching for beats online may be the mixing quality of the beat. If you are seriously interested in introducing your music to the marketplace you should be seriously interested in the grade of your production. You need your music to sound great from your own car radio as well as your mp3 player completely to the clubs. An ingredient to success in this music industry is the method that you present yourself. Utilizing a beat of poor or with an unhealthy mix could have you coming off amateurish. By investing in a beat online that is mixed well people will recognize you took enough time to pay focus on sound quality and can subsequently take you more seriously being an artist.

Another essential requirement when buying beats online is making the procedure cost-effective as you possibly can. Most becoming more popular artists are typically dealing with a tight budget and do not necessarily have the funds to pay out for instrumentals. You need to search for beat websites offering nonexclusive beats or beats it is possible to lease. Consider it. If you’re piecing together a project whether an album, mixtape, or demo you are likely to want to record plenty of material and then get the chance to find the best from the bunch. Most quality beat websites lease their music for only $30-$50. Most producers or beat websites sell their beats exclusively as well however most can range between hundreds to thousands.

An important factor that the majority of artists overlook is if the beat they will have purchased contains any un-cleared samples. Most producers leave the duty of clearing samples within their beats solely around the artist. Clearing samples is really a hassle and can be expensive so most artists don’t bother when including these sampled beats on the music projects. This may cause serious legal problems for you personally further down the road. Save the headache to check out original compositions online.

This leads me to 1 of the very most important aspects of your web beat selection process, the music itself. You might be searching through beat libraries buying beat that appears like that new Young Jeezy song or that new Chris Brown for instance. Since there is nothing wrong with one of these artists and their respective music there’s something wrong with this particular kind of method of choosing the right beats. It could work to your disadvantage to choose beats which are trendy and appear to be the same kind of songs you hear on the air.

If you actually want to ensure it is in the music business you must develop your personal sound. Today the music industry is quite saturated. If you wish to have a go at any tangible success you need to stand out and in addition to the crowd. People react to music that’s refreshing and attractive to the ears. You might be an excellent lyricist or song writer but understand that means little if you don’t have the instrumental to back it. Usually the instrumental is what starts the song off so that it must catch the listener’s attention and present people reason to keep to listen to the others of one’s song. Find an instrumental that compliments you being an artist while providing you a distinctive sound that separates you from the pack. Take the steps essential to get heard and discover yourself original music production online.

If, after considering all the things discussed up to now, you’ve chosen a beat online before continuing on and purchasing this beat consider a few questions. And a professional sound quality factors to consider the beat website carries their business in a specialist manner. Will be the terms of purchase clearly stated? Any kind of grey areas that leave you having an uneasy feeling about investing in a beat online? Understand the terms of agreement when investing in a beat online as some producers may try to benefit from you. Also make certain there is a straightforward and safe beat delivery process after you have purchased the instrumental. Make certain the producer takes themselves and their craft seriously and professionally.

I also should emphasize that the very best 10 beat websites or producers that arrive in your Google searches or on the soundclick charts aren’t always the very best of options. They could contain a number of the aspects which have been discussed so far however they rarely contain the total package. You are considering websites offering leases with minimal level of limitations, highest professional quality, least expensive prices, and the best and easy purchasing process for buying beats online. Getting a website that offers most of aspects is tricky to find, however they do exist.

A great spot to find hiphop beats online like Rocbattle is BeatsByYou.com, plus much more, please check out some of the other articles that will be posted in the coming weeks.


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3 11 2013

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Trap Beats – Listen to more beats and share the links

18 12 2012

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Top Mix tape Sites Online

18 12 2012


So you went out to buy beats online and recorded with the beats you purchased. The next step is to create an album or mix tape here are some websites you should really check out. I have been looking for a few online Hip-Hop mix tape websites. These websites will allow you to upload your mix tapes and also allow you to promote your hip hop mix tape for free. I will be reviewing a lot of websites so that I can provide you with information which will help you promote ones Hip-Hop mix tape online.


Datpiff is one of the best mix tape websites online. Datpiff has become one of the top online mix tape websites to date. It has a very easy layout and it is an attractive design. The website is very easy to use and allows its users to navigate a basic layout, which means easy uploading your mix tapes. Datpiff offers free accounts which is a plus which allows you to distribute your mix tapes online for people to listen and or download. Another nice feature from Datpiff is that you need to increase you plays and downloads but don’t know how. Datpiff offers a player that you can embed onto your website to boost your plays and downloads, that is great. Datpiff has created a website which allows artists and Djs a place that they can display mix tapes to their fans.

Datpiff did a great job making the home page so easy to scan for new mix tapes. It allows you to view the most popular as well as the most downloaded mix tape. Creating a mix tape will help generate traffic to your website if your mix tape is popular enough to generate enough traffic. Another great feature on Datpiff website is the videos, uploading a video will help generate traffic as well as increase your online presence as well. Uploading a video is a great marketing method that will increase traffic to your website which I would recommend to anyone to do. You are able to increase your plays and download by purchasing Datpiff sponsored mix tape service which will cost you $50.00. Here is a question you need to ask yourself if you want to boost your plays and downloads, should you play the $50.00 dollars or not? I would recommend you pay the $50 dollars because it will allow your fans to listen and download your mix tape without having to sign up. Let’s be real for a few minutes’ people in general will not sign up to play or download anything because it does not take one click to do. So pay the money and move on to something else that will help increase your plays and downloads as well.

Datpiff generates over 450k active daily traffic and that is a lot of traffic. Datpiff makes it even easier for you to get more exposure by adding social network buttons for your mix tape page. Another added feature that this website offers is daily News from the likes of Vibe, XXL and VladTv.  If you are serious about your music career than you need to invest in yourself. To have your mix tape in rotation on their home page expect to pay over $300.00. If you are going to spend that much you better make sure you have everything on point, meaning down to the graphics. Datpiff is a great place to start marketing your mix tape online. The site could use more design work but for what it is used for they have done a great job with this website.

Verdict 9.5/10 Datpiff.com


The traffic that this site generates is not as high volume as datpiff.com but the layout of the site is very nice. Some nice features are easy to navigate, upload mix tapes and promote your mix tape. What more could you ask for when using a mix tape website. If you have had problems with other website don’t worry because they offer step by step guides to help people get going.

 There is not as much competition so that will give you a huge advantage when it comes down to promoting your mix tape. You are allowed to upload videos as well. Social networks are great, being able to share what you have posted is even better. They have social networks ready for you and which helps spread the word to others. You can get on the home page with top views and being top rated.  

The website also has a great chart system of new released mix tapes and popular mix tapes. If you can make it on that page you will increase your traffic which in turns means more downloads.

The Verdict 7/10 Gettherightmusic.com


This website has a nice amount of traffic. Being around for two years hotnewhiphop.com has made a name for itself becoming one of the top mix tape websites online. The down side to this website is they promote new popular artists more than unsigned up and coming artists. Exposure is very limited but it has a large amount of traffic that is generated from well-known artists.

 Create a mix tape by uploading your own personal tracks.  If you would like to promote individual tracks this website allows you to do so. You are allowed to upload videos to which will allow you to obtain a wider view of audiences and they also have social buttons as well. Keep updated with News in the entertainment industry as well. Make sure to leave comments on other artists profile because this method will increase traffic to your profile over time.  Verdict 7/10 hotnewhiphop.com

Live Mix Tapes is a free site that allows you to stream and download mix tapes. As a user you can search for music in their database. You are able to create your own custom playlists, listen to music and check out new releases. The site is updated daily and you will enjoy the free mix tapes.  In order for an unknown artist they will need to have a well-known DJ host the mix tape and they will be able to upload the mix tape for you. There are many well-known Djs that offer hosting services so make sure you are ready to pay to play. If you are not well-known then you will not be able to get you mix tape uploaded to this website so do not waste your time unless you are ready to pay for a DJ to host your mix tape. This website is more for well-known artists so find a DJ or if you are an indie label contact them and see what they can do for you.  You need industry backing in order to get exposure from this website which that’s it draw back.

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Buy Trap Beats Online – Produced By: K Da Great

18 12 2012

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